To the little girl who is drowning,

I hear you! I see you!

Hold on, help is on the way!

Even at 5 years old, you are fiesty and fearless, so when everyone leaves the farm style pool, you really, really want to have a last splash, a last ‘swim’. So you do!

And as you make the most of your last, splashing swim, you venture a little too far from the steps until you realise that it is a kick too far.

You begin to fight to get back to the step, fighting the water as it seems to suck you down. You gasp for air as you come up splashing, coming up again and kicking, kicking madly, but sadly not making progress. Your swimming lessons have not progressed very far yet and all of what you have learned dissolves completely in a fog of panic as it rises to swallow you up and overwhelm you.

Alas! It is too late! You begin to drown!

Everyone has left and gone up to the farmhouse, a long way from the pool, and you are all alone!

Are you?

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