To the little girl who is drowning,

I hear you! I see you!

Hold on, help is on the way!

Even at 5 years old, you are fiesty and fearless, so when everyone leaves the farm style pool, you really, really want to have a last splash, a last ‘swim’. So you do!

And as you make the most of your last, splashing swim, you venture a little too far from the steps until you realise that it is a kick too far.

You begin to fight to get back to the step, fighting the water as it seems to suck you down. You gasp for air as you come up splashing, coming up again and kicking, kicking madly, but sadly not making progress. Your swimming lessons have not progressed very far yet and all of what you have learned dissolves completely in a fog of panic as it rises to swallow you up and overwhelm you.

Alas! It is too late! You begin to drown!

Everyone has left and gone up to the farmhouse, a long way from the pool, and you are all alone!

Are you?

Nyron & Lisa, two beautiful, precious souls,
From New York.
With whom we shared some delightful
‘Bush moments’!
Safe travels home dear friends!
Thank you Lisa for this beautiful picture!
I’m so glad you allll enjoyed my book!
Much love❣️🤗❣️

Murder, Mayhem, Miracles… And Still Married

A Story of Courage and Hope

Yes! My book has been officially launched! WHOOP WHOOP!!

‘Keep on launching’ seems to be the message coming from family, friends and friends of family and friends.

As Russell, my better half says, “the book does no good living in the box”. It can only do much good when it is in someones hands and heading into their hearts through reading it.

And he is right – so the launching, sharing and connecting carries on – BUT – I have learned very quickly that if I do it in my way with my own style of ‘being’ with people – then we have a very satisfying outcome.

So please connect with me if you and a few friends would like to meet with me and have a cup of coffee or tea and chat about the why’s and wherefores of my book!



Reviews for my book: Murder, Mayhem, Miracles… And Still Married

“I have just finished reading ‘Murder, Mayhem, Miracles…And Still Married’ for the second time. I loved this book; every chapter is so beautifully written that I read it from start to finish, in one sitting, both times. This book is everything – heart-warming, heart-breaking and uplifting. Right from the first line when Stella so openly and emotionally describes her journey towards deciding to write her story, she opens up her heart to share her life with us. Her personal story is honest and moving. Stella speaks of her personal pain and tragedy, but this is not a sad story – rather, it is a story of love, faith, forgiveness and hope. This book will touch everyone in a real and meaningful way and will leave you feeling encouraged and inspired to choose to live every moment with joy and a wide-open heart. Stella, thank you for sharing your story and your heart.” G B

“Stella, I have always admired you, and everything you do for everyone and anyone around you. Your unconditional love never stops. You always make me feel like such a big part of your life, I love you everyday for this.

“I have just finished reading your book and it proves even more what an amazing lady you are. I absolutely loved every single minute of it. Thank you for always being an inspiration.” K N 

“Let me start with an adapted Jerry McQuire quote, “you got me at the prologue”.  I think, no in fact I know, I am honoured to have met Stella a few times and never once would have thought this amazing soul has been through so much in her life, yet her eyes twinkle with such joy and it really was a joy to read through her book, her story.  As it began, I was craving more detail and then delving further through it, I got all I wanted. 

I have found her descriptive pages to be an inspiration to me. I am working on the well principle for myself now, as this was just the added encouragement that I needed.  As for her description of want-to-power verses will power, it spoke volumes to me, and I am going to have to meet up with Stella sometime for a cup of coffee to unpack it more.  

Your love for your family and Jesus shone through your writing and your love for your own father left me heartbroken. Thank you for reminding me of the privilege it is to still have my own family and parents still on God’s earth with me.  You make me want to love them even more and make sure my time with them is not taken for granted. 

Maybe one day I will have an elephant talk to me too!

 I wish you all the very best and dare I say I look forward to other books to come!” J R

“Wow, Stella, what a privilege it has been to catch a glimpse of your life story and to get to know the people who have shared in your journey. Your memoir absolutely captivated me from start to finish – most of all I valued your willingness to bare all and be vulnerable, even when it meant having to embrace the raw and unrefined truth, allowing the messy bits to shine through with the hope of personal growth, and in doing so, connecting with the reader. Although entertaining, ‘Murder, Mayhem, Miracles…And Still Married’ is by no means an easy read. Whilst light-hearted on occasion, the book is also overflowing with learning opportunities, for both Stella and the reader. Each chapter touched a nerve within me, sparking deep thinking, prompting me to put down the book from time to time, to ruminate over what message was being reflected back to me in terms of my own life. Above all, this book has challenged me to search my own heart to find a little ‘want-to power’ to consciously and deliberately start loving myself more completely, and to fill my very own well more often. Your story is a reminder that we do not need permission to feed our souls. Thank you, Stella, for this gift. Yours truly is a story of courage and hope.” M M

“Wow! Your book is amazing, phenomenal, powerful, brilliant, honest and raw – with a good dose of wit and humour. 

You are an eloquent writer and your story is powerful. Thank you so much for the honour of allowing me to read it prior to publishing. I can’t wait to keep a hard copy on my book shelf! 

“I started and finished reading it in one day, shoving my responsibilities mostly to one side, even though it was a busy day! I was absolutely drawn in and your way of writing brings out the essence of so much of the beautiful person you are.” N O

“In this fascinating book, Stella lets you into her heart and, chapter-by-chapter, trusts you with real tragedy and heartache along with real love and joy. You see how one can go through devastating loss and how much it allows them the same capacity for love. Her words are nurturing to read as she takes you to the bush in South Africa, into her kitchen and into her sacred relationships and invites you to take some of the hope she has found. It was wonderful to be let into her heart this way, it left me wanting more.” C M

“This book was an absolute joy to read! Stella’s writing style draws the reader in, and evokes emotion with each shared experience. I will go back to this book often to gain more insight into my own life through this achingly vulnerable and beautifully written memoir.”  B K

“An honest and humble account of a woman’s life, littered with many struggles, however her faith has given her the strength to not only overcome, but to flourish from these hardships. Her candour and sense of humour make the author relatable and ensure that this easy read is a book of hope, faith, family, courage, grace and resilience.” A R

“Stella’s memoir is well written and very easy to read – I really wanted to just keep reading to see what the next ‘life lesson’ was!  

Her resilience shines through it all. She reminds us that the toughest lessons in our lives, are also the ones that tell us we are alive.

So, for anyone else who forgot to pick up your ‘free and easy ride’ pass when you were born, you’ll be glad that in the second class seats, you’ve found such an encouraging travelling companion in Stella. She might even lend you her maps for a while.” A C